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U.S. Army RANGER Flashcards

U.S. Army RANGER Flashcards

These U.S. Army RANGER Flashcards are a must for any tactical enthusiast who want the knowledge of having the advantage over the enemy.  They're the perfect size, not so small, not so big, easily stashed in your ruck in the field. These flashcards are perfect for someone who wants to be a Soldier or wants to attend Ranger School.

Ranger training is infamous for its food and sleep deprivation. This is one reason, among many that it is considered to be one of the most difficult schools in the Army. We'll help you ace this premier school and accelerate your career.

Ranger flashcards cover all the essential topics you will be expected to master in Ranger School. Our deck for Ranger School also provides the best study material for Ranger Competitions. It is based on the concepts from The Ranger Handbook Training Circular 3-21.76. These are one of the top study resources for Best Ranger Competitions.


Set of hard-copy flashcards.
Proudly Made in America.
Concepts from Ranger Handbook Training Circular 3-21.76.
Reference for Ranger students and Best Rangers competition.
Covers wide range of topics from the Ranger School training:

Land navigation
Patrol base operations
Offensive operations (Ambush and Raid)
Airborne operations
Air assault operations
These U.S. Army RANGER Flashcards are a PERFECT and RAPID way to test your knowledge. Whether you're practicing them alone or along with our practice test, our flashcards will help you prepare.

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