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U.S. Military Gunners Quadrant Wooden Crate

U.S. Military Gunners Quadrant Wooden Crate

As stated on the cover, this U.S. Military Wood Box was originally designed to securely store a gunner's quadrant or similar precision instrument.  What the hell is a Gunners Quadrant?  Well, we thought you’d never ask 😎. 

Also called the “M1A1 Gunner’s Quadrant”, it’s a portable precision leveling instrument used for laying artillery weapons in elevation, measuring their angles of elevation, and checking the elevation mechanisms of fire control equipment.

The Gunner’s Quadrant is used with various rifles, guns, gun carriages, self-propelled guns, howitzers, mortars, anti-aircraft gun mounts, cannons, tracked armored landing vehicles, and multiple rocket launchers.

Now what you have here is an actual Gunners Quadrant Crate issued from the U.S. Military.  Even though it’s used, this is an ORIGINAL.  It’s in very good shape and has plenty of life left for a new assignment- which is yours to choose!  

Not too mention it’s a great size for valuables, collection pieces, documents, even poker winnings. 😎

Main Specs Include:
✅ Solid wood box
✅ Brass hinges and clasps
✅ Interior wood bracing
✅ Made in U.S.A. 🇺🇸

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