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Venom Extraction Bite & Sting Kit
  • Venom Extraction Bite & Sting Kit


    We absolutely love the bold name of this! Truly this is an absolute MUST have in every home. Seriously. Now you can treat bites and stings instantly with the Complete Bite & Sting First Aid Kit from Don't Die Survival Gear. This comprehensive kit provides serious protection in a compact, easily portable device. The Venom Extraction Bite & Sting Kit includes 10 pieces, is extremely lightweight and has a small reusable vacuum pump that draws venom from the bite wound. It features The Extractor, an easy-to-use suction pump that safely and quickly removes significant quantities of venom or irritants from bites or stings from mosquitoes, snakes, wasps, and bees, plus spider bites, scorpion bites and more.


    The Extractor is the only suction device proven to remove snake venom and is accompanied by 2 different sized plastic suction cups for use and effective suction. This powerful suction device removes poisons from snake bites, bee and wasp stings, mosquito bites and more. The Don't Die From Snakes Or Bee Stings Venom Extraction Kit includes: 1 X Bite and Sting First Aid Manual 2 X Alcohol Prep Pads 2 X Povidone-iodine Prep Pads 1 X Extractor Pump 2 X Suction Cups 1 X Rubber Tourniquet 1 X Protective Storage Case The name says it all : DON'T DIE FROM BEE STINGS OR SNAKE BITES!

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