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Water-Free Camp Shampoo
  • Water-Free Camp Shampoo


    A huge shout out to our friends at Sierra Soaps USA for making this EXCLUSIVELY for ClubTac Members Only! This Commando Shampoo is a 1 Minute Quick Dry / Water-Free Shampoo Cleaning Spray that's key for perking up that messy bed head or shielding that funny smelling bunk mate.


    This is perfect & truly a must for camping, hunting, backpacking, sports & everything outdoors. Our Survivalist Expert says: It's important to be hygienic while camping, hunting, playing sports, or even on a battlefield - if you survived. Many outdoor enthusiasts forget this. This is why dry shampoo is extremely convenient...


     Our U.S. Marine said: If I had this while overseas I wouldn't have minded staying a few more months. Wait, I take that back, I still wanted to get the hell out of there. This is the Dry Shampoo I toss in my duffel bag with my gym clothes & it's really handy after a flag football game.

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