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Zombie Raptor Compound Bow
  • Zombie Raptor Compound Bow

    How do you take down a Zombie without their fellow Zombies 🧟‍♂️ knowing you’re nearby?  With a Compound Hunting Bow of course! 
    The Raptor Compound Hunting Bow is all that is simply bad ass when it comes to Archery.  Manufacturered by Predator Archery, the Raptor is the perfect platform whether you’re a hunter, bowfishing enthusiast, off-grid survivalist, apocalypse preppier, or just simply into target shooting… this incredibly unique bow offers the versatility for any enthusiast from adult, youth, and even beginner archers!

    ✅ FULLY ADJUSTABLE – With an axle to axle length of 30” and weighing in at only 3.6lbs, the draw length ranges from 24.5”-31” and the draw weight can be adjusted from 30lbs-70lbs without needing a bow press!

    ✅ HIGH QUALITY MACHINING – Both the cams and modules are fully machined aluminum with zero plastic. Compound design allows for 75% let-off and features a split yoke tuning system providing precise adjustments for proper arrow flight.

    ✅ COMPLETE BOW PACKAGE - Includes 5 pin fiber optic sight with light and level, TRUGLO EZ brush rest, stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, string stop, allen wrench, 2’ paper target, and pre-installed Peep sight and D-loop.

    ✅ LIFETIME WARRANTY – Every Predator Archery bow comes with an industry leading warranty program that covers any manufacture defect that compromises the integrity of the bow. Be sure to register your bow upon receiving to utilize this special offer.

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